A little bit about me....

Most of us have enjoyed creating things since we were young.  I've just focused my attention towards Web Design & Photography.  It's a very gratifying feeling to help others create their vision on their Websites.  I started my journey in photography by taking shots for my web designs and I fell in love with all the beauty you can find around you and capture.  I enjoy taking natural and realistic pictures not the usual staged photos so therefore I do not do any events just only images for people to enjoy.  Although I also enjoy making my photos a little funky and creative at times as you will see in my gallery.  I've been told by others that I have a natural eye for what I'm doing and I want people to enjoy these natural moments I capture of life in it's most realistic aspect.    So lets create your vision on a website or check out my photos and I hope you enjoy them.  I will be placing a storefront on my website in the near future so that you may purchase any of the images if you enjoy what you see.  

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